Mich and Moose Adventures by Vince Cleghorne. Book Review.


This 8 by 10 picture book is a humorous take on problem solving and helping others. Mich is a girl and Moose is, well, a moose. They are best friends and love snowy days. At the beginning of the book they show us all the wonderful ways they enjoy winter snow. Note: the child is not dressed for winter. As a northerner,  I snorted at the picture of her with bare legs and no coat or hat making a snow angel. Point out to children that this is not reality and they do have to dress for the weather.

Anyway, Moose and Mich find someone who is not enjoying winter at all. Spinner the spider is unable to stick her web anywhere because everything is icy. Mich and Moose try to attach it to a dozen places, each more zany and imaginative than the last. At this point the author changed the writing style to rhyme. At first I thought this wasn’t necessary but on subsequent reads I realized it adds a sense of fun and adventure to the quest even though some rhymes are a bit of a stretch. At the end, they find the perfect spot for the web.

This book is a  fun journey into silliness but can also be used as a jumping off point to learn about spiders. Where are spiders in the winter? Why don’t children see their webs anywhere?

The illustrations are cheerful and expressive. Some will make children laugh out loud. If you have a  reluctant reader who has a taste for silliness, this is a book that will grab their attention.

3 thoughts on “Mich and Moose Adventures by Vince Cleghorne. Book Review.

    • As a former teacher and a grandparent who struggles to get her granddaughter to dress appropriately, winter attire is something that triggers my attention. One other thing I liked about this book was that the human and the giant moose both cared enough about the little spider to spend the day trying to help her.


  1. Hi Bonnie. Thank you so much for reviewing my book Mich & Moose Adventures. I agree with what you said about Mich’s attire. If Mich was a cartoon character or comic character then yes, they can wear whatever is their ongoing ‘uniform.’ But if it’s a character that influences children at the earlier stages of their lives, then a bit more thought should go into how that character behaves.
    Anyway, I just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know I really enjoyed reading your review.
    Thank you again Bonnie.


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