My Dragon

After a much too long period of time not writing, I’ve stopped wallowing in self-pity (for the moment anyway) about how challenging my Parkinson’s disease makes everything and got back on the horse. I’m trying various methods of illustration that can be done by a person with tremors. This is my first attempt.

I also decided to have a bit of fun and use some representational art (the people, the dragon). I hope adult readers will get it.

These are the first three pages of my new picture book for students in grade 5/6 to use in class with their teacher or for parents to share with their age 5 and up children. It is not a story. It is a book to stimulate discussion.

I would like your feedback on the first three pages. If you opened my book and saw this, would you continue looking through it? Please comment in the comment section.




2 thoughts on “My Dragon

  1. is this for 5th and sixth graders? …
    comic book style to promote discussion?

    so sorry to hear of the Parkinsons … my uncle had severe Parkinson’s he was an artist and turned to splatter and dot painting which he could control!

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