Sports Illustrated Kids Six Degrees of David Ortiz: connecting baseball stars by Tyler Omoth. Book Review.

Six Degrees of David Ortiz (2)

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(Six Degrees of Sports)

This book grabs your attention right away beginning with David Oritz up to bat. The writing is tight and exciting. We are part of the audience as he hits a game-winning home run. Omoth then brings us into a wider view.

The writing on each page varies from a paragraph to four paragraphs and every page has at least one photograph to accompany the text. The pictures capture each player in action. Omoth mixes statistics in with qualities of athletics and personality in a highly readable manner.

The thing that makes this book unique is Omoth’s use of six degrees. Each chapter begins with a circle connecting six players, for example, chapter one begins with Mike Trout connecting to Derek Jeter connecting to Cal Ripken Junior connecting to Lou Gehrig and finally connecting tube Babe Ruths. These are all Hall of Fame superstars.

Chapter two is about super sluggers such as Hank Aaron and Reggie Jackson. Chapter three is stealthy speedsters like Rickey Henderson and Ty Cobb. Chapter four is astounding aces, five is glorious glove men, and six is reliable relievers.

At the end of the book there is a 6° double page spread where Omoth connects players from each of the previous circles to players in other circles. There’s  a bit of fun with a match the player with his nickname, a word bank of names to answer trivia questions about baseball, a glossary, and recommended reading as well as suggested links on the Internet. There is also a thorough index.

Baseball fans love to compare players and this book is food for the information hungry. There’s just enough snippets of data and interpretation to keep even a reluctant reader interested. Omoth has not only put in an enormous amount of research but he has thoughtfully examined and analyzed facts and opinions about the players and presented them in an exciting package. The writing has a conversational tone but Omoth does not talk down to the reader.

This book would make a great gift for the young sports enthusiast.


Click here to read my interview with Tyler Omoth on August 10, 2016.

A copy of this book was generously donated by the author to my Little Free Library.

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