Makin, Amir. Aisha the Navigator Trains a Leader! Book Review.

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The first page of this book reads “our children’s picture book series highlights the diverse experiences of African Americans, designed to promote positive advancement, problem-solving and increase the literacy rate. We take community issues, and offer solutions for children while envisioning the end result toward progress. We want every reader to: Tina knowledge, innovate for success, commander future.”

As such, this is not a fictional story to be evaluated on plot and character. The dialogue is not in a storytelling style but has more of an instructional tone. The narrator is Aisha who speaks directly to the reader about how to find success. She was a navigator bracelet that gives you the power to travel to any place and any time. She also sells hand designed necklace is and uses the money to feed hungry children or by books for other kids.

Aisha encounters a child, Emily, who has been excluded from play. She takes the child to the country of Mali and shows her how each person contributes to the community. When they returned to the park, Emily, makes friends with new children and leads them into several games. The older children who are excluded her now asked to join in. Emily consults with her new friends and then tells the older children “everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.”

The cover features a beautiful Muslim girl of African descent. The illustrations seem three-dimensional and realistic. However several places are two dark especially the faces of two little boys working with metal and making baskets. Unfortunately, the text in this book is superimposed over the picture with a very light translucent white background. This can make it difficult to read especially when superimposed over the African designs.

This would be a helpful resource book for teaching children problem-solving and leadership.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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