Setting Up My Little Free Library

Last night my husband set up our Little Free Library at the end of the driveway. Unfortunately, the heavy rain storms have breached my five coats of varathane and made the ink run on some of the pictures of book covers I glued to the outside. My  theme is the magic of books. Oh well, “The glass is already broken.” I’ll think of something new for next year.


I put in two full boxes of books. I was surprised how much space was inside the library. I will have to be diligent about keeping it full. Fortunately, it’s about five minutes away from winter. Not really, I’m hoping to last till November. Frozen books are notorious for falling apart. It starts to go below freezing here in October.


All the books that you see pictured were either scrounged up by me or donated by authors I have reviewed. Unfortunately, I got rid of most of my books when I moved last August. Part of my simplifying goal.

(Note: Authors, if you don’t see your book, it’s because I haven’t read it yet.)


My husband still has to put a chain for the guest book and pen. Apparently they are notorious for disappearing. My husband believes it is naughty kids. I prefer to believe someone takes it home to read and add to it, and then loses track of it. Either way, I don’t want it to disappear.


I’m excited to see how many people show up on Saturday. The plan was to launch in July but the best laid plans… Starting out small might turn out to be a good thing.


Are there any Little Free Libraries in your neighbourhood? Do you use any?

10 thoughts on “Setting Up My Little Free Library

  1. It’s wonderful of you to do this. I love these community libraries. While I live on a private road and the road in front of my house is a town road and I can’t set one up, I am enthusiastic about the community library boxes we have. One of them is outside a local grocery, and that one gets a lot of traffic. Many people won’t take the extra time to make a separate trip to the library, but they will gladly share books when available at a convenient location.


    • Thank you. I miss sharing books with kids. That was my fav part of teaching. I LOVED the ten years I spent as a teacher-librarian (until the Board cut the position in a cost saving measure). I won’t be running clubs from this one though. LOL (Environmental Club, Drama Club, Chess Club, Young Authors, Computer Club, and special events)


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