YouTube Channel for Parents & Teachers

Bonnie Ferrante

I have to admit my YouTube channel was a mish-mash of promos and disorganized videos. I have revamped, organized, and refocused it. I’ve also created a super short intro video to the site for newcomers, Bonnie Ferrante’s Books and More.

There are three playlists for the public now.

  • Book Trailers (most but not all of my books are featured.
  • Author Read-alouds where three full picture books are shared with more to come.
  • Tips and Hacks for Parents and Teachers where I share cheap, easy, fun, and active strategies to promote learning, especially literacy.Slide4

The newest video, On the Cheap: First Initial gives ideas to help a preschooler learn basic letter recognition building up to words.

I hope to create a new video every two weeks. If you want to keep up, please subscribe. Sharing would also be appreciated.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages