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Information on: Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Promos, Guest Posts and Critiques of works in progress.

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Review Policy

I am accepting paper books for review at this time.

I mostly review children’s picture books (85%), middle grade books, and young adult books. Please follow this blog to familiarize yourself with what I do. I do review the occasional adult book, especially those I think parents would be interested in.  (I do not review books that have horror, erotica, religion, politics, excessive violence, born again, amateur self-help, true paranormal, angels, or saved by something. No animal exploitation, cult membership, racism, homophobia, misogyny, or hate literature of any kind. I will promote very few memoirs. They must have something exceptional to say. No poetry, unless it’s kid’s poetry.

You must be a blog follower.

I also accept picture books for review from the artist. I am not an arts major, so the review will not be an intensive analysis of the art work although I always comment on the art in books I review. For an example of how I review an artist’s work, go here on or after March 27, 2017.

Go here for details on requesting a review.

Interview Policy

I am accepting requests for reviews. Interviews are presently scheduled every Wednesday up to July 2017. I am running a series called “Three Random Questions.Please follow to familiarize yourself with my interviews. I do not send a canned list of questions but research each author and tailor the questions to them and their work.

Click here for details on requesting an interview.


A promotional page for a book can be requested at any time. I will only run a maximum of one per week. You must send me a printed copy of the book for my Little Free Library.  A Promotion page may include 3-4 pictures, links, a blurb, and other information. No more than 800 words please. Unless I have reviewed at least one of your books (favourably), a promotion does not mean I will endorse your work. If your book captures my eye, I will probably review it. If it receives 3-5 starts, I may ask you for an interview.

Click here for details on submitting a promotion.

Guest Post

Guest posts are welcome to a maximum of one per week. Follow my blog to get an understanding of what I publish.A guest post should be 900-1200 words.These are suitable topics:

  • Book reviews of picture books, early chapter books, and young adult books.
  • Information, inspiration, education, and creation pertaining to children and families.
  • An article about writing for children or with children. Make this helpful and relevant to my readers. This should not be an account of your books.
  • Tips for reading to and with children.
  • Anything about writing or researching for writing or children’s books.
  • Working with, helping, educating, or parenting children.Please no religion or politics. Nothing misogynistic, racially divisive, homophobic, or animal exploitation. (Anything about involving children with rescued animals or the outdoors is great.)

Picture Book in Progress Critique

I will focus on three major areas for improvement (if you have them).

For details on this process, go here.


Toy Review

I also may review a children’s toy, game or activity. Please contact me if you want to submit one for review.

Click here for the details.