We All Fall Down by Eric Walters- Book Review

This is a suspenseful and emotional account of a father and son trapped inside the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Will, a grade nine student, thinks his father has a pretty boring job but when he is taken to work for the day the unexpected and terrifying happens. A plane is deliberately flown into the building, below where he and his father are stationed. Wills’s father meets resistance when he tries to evacuate the building. As the stairs are engulfed in fire, he also has to make a dangerous choice, whether to go up to the roof and hope they can be rescued there in spite of the high winds, or go down through the flames. To make matters worse, there are other people in the building who are either trapped, lost, or injured.

Just when you can finally take a deep breath and relax, a horrible event occurs plunging the reader into an even more tense mood. Walters achieves a perfect balance of fear, joy, loss, and recovery.

This is a story of tremendous courage, selflessness, strength, and bonding that will keep you flipping the pages. Eric Walters always achieves the perfect balance of emotion and plot. This is yet another Canadian treasure that will definitely be enjoyed by American readers as well.

It comes in a comfortable 6 by 7 size with 178 pages, easy to carry anywhere. It can be enjoyed by good readers from grade 5 and up. As an adult, I found it in an enjoyable afternoon of reading.

Highly recommended. Five stars.

Click on the link begin reading right here.

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