Books for Christmas Clearout

Still looking for a great Christmas gift? Nothing beats a good book. It’s Christmas Clearout time! I need space so some books must go. HALF THE PRICE AS POSTED ON AMAZON. Plus no shipping costs. Pick it up in Thunder Bay. Get it signed by the author. For more Information on a book, click here to see Amazon blurbs and ratings.

For Adults

Bouquet: Short stories with a Buddhist Twist (Collection previously of published in mainstream magazines.) Reg $8.50, Now $4.25

Inhale: Prize winning short stories. (On the darker side.) Reg $8.50, Now $4.25

Sing the Planets: An I’ll Remember That Book – for teachers Ages 7 and up. (Fun, movement, singing, learning.) $13.08, Now $6.50

That Dam Book (Humorous jokes or game about beavers.) Reg $9.65, Now $5.75

For Teens

Katherine of Aragon – ages 12 and up (Comic style story.) Reg $22.27, Now $5.50

Terror at White Otter Castle – ages 12 and up (Suspense, some violence.) Reg 27.90, Now $12.00

For Kids

The Amida Tree – ages 4 to 9 (Harmony with nature, healthy relationships, beautiful, touching.)

Dirty Pigs Non-fiction fascinating facts. – ages 3 to 7 Reg $11.96, Now $6.00 (Clears up misconceptions.)

Can You Imagine? – ages 3 to 6 Ref $13.10, Now $6.00 (Letting your imagination grow.)

Geta Toss – ages 4 to 7 Reg $14.40, Now $7.00 (Interracial friendship, new kid, jealousy, humor.)

If You See a Dragon – ages 4 to 7 Unavailable online, $5.00 (Kindness to animals.)

No More Red – ages 3 to 6 Re $13.08, Now $6.50 (Funny story about accepting life’s struggles.)

Pirate Smells – Great for the whole family of book lovers Reg $14.08 Now $7.00 (A search and find book like you’ve never seen. What book images can you decipher?)

Rumpelstiltskin’s Child – ages 5 to 8. Reg $15.70, Now $7.50 (Prejudice, kindness, forgiveness)

Sing the Planets: An I’ll Remember That Book – for teachers – Ages 7 and up Fun, movement, singing, learning. $13.08, Now $6.50

Too Quiet, Too Noisy – ages 4 to 7 Reg $13.08, Now$6.50 (Life balance,

For Toddlers

What’s Missing: Clothes -ages 2 to 5 Reg $13.08, Now $6.50

What’s Missing: Faces – ages 1 to 4 Reg $13.08, Now $6.50

Tell Me Where: Animals and Babies – ages 1 to 3 Reg $13.10, Now $6.50

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