All Those Things We Never Said by Marc Levy. Book Review.

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Three days before Julia‘s wedding, she is notified that her father has died in Europe and the funeral is on the day of her marriage. Of course, she postpones it and tells her husband-to-be that they must cancel the honeymoon to Montreal, Canada. However, When a mysterious will wooden crate shipped to her house, things take a strange twist.

What would you do if you could talk to someone for a week who was already dead? When Julia has this opportunity, she resists. Father has done something in her life to make her hate him and there’s no way it can be fixed. Or is there?

The plot is intriguing but becomes a little predictable midway. The author has large chunks of expository writing, especially in the flashbacks. I would like to have seen the past events unfold more and fewer things be told. I would like to have felt what Julia felt when her father broke her heart.

I thought Julia‘s behaviour towards her fiancé was rather callous and dismissive. This is a happily ever after, at least for Julia.

It is sure to raise a good discussion for book clubs. Would you want to have the opportunity Julia had or would it be too painful and disturbing? Would it bring closure or would it feel too artificial? It is an intriguing concept.

It was an enjoyable read.

4 stars

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