Good Night, Noah by Eric Walter. Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes. Book Review.

This is a very basic picture book for babies. Noah is saying goodnight to someone on each pages. He p[ats a dog on his bed and says, “Woof. Good night, doggy.” Then his bed appears in a field by a cow. “Moo Good night, cow.” In a field of flowers, he says “Buzzzz Good night, honeybee.” He visits a duck, a lion, a bird, a pig, a monkey, a fish, a kangaroo, an owl, and lastly, his daddy. Each page has a hint of what the next animal will be and at the end they can all be found in the child’s room as toys.

This would be a super fun book to read with a toddler making all the sounds with you. The pictures are simple and realistic, colorful but not garish. The text is clear and large. I was given a paperback reviewer’s copy so  can’t assess the quality of the board book.  

A great way to introduce babies to bedtime books and develop a bedtime routine of saying goodnight to special toys.

Be aware though that the only parent shown is daddy. I wonder if they could print a version with a mommy at the end.

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