Isle of You by David LaRochelle. Illustrated by Jaime Kim. Book Review.


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This unique picture book isn’t really a story. It is  a book of reassurance similar to Robert Munch’s Love You Forever or Billy Crystal’s I Already Know I Love You but it takes a different approach. It is the kind of book you read to a child and they later refer to on their own whenever they are feeling down.

It begins, “Was today a hard day? Are you feeling sad? Lonely? Maybe even a little angry? I’m sorry. Come with me. I know the perfect place to go.”

From that point on the author and illustrator take the reader on a fantastical journey into a paradise island specifically designed for the child. The idea is to remind oneself to be calm, live in the moment, and use one’s imagination to reassure oneself. The title is a clever twist of words, Isle of You. Say it quickly and it sounds like I love you.

This could become a game for the parent and child to play, or the child to do alone when needed. Imagine oneself in a beautiful place.  It doesn’t have to be the way the book portrays the island. The child can eventually build his or her own island with whatever appeals to them.

The illustrations by Jaime Kim are bright and colorful but yet gentle and dreamlike. They glow with happiness.

This is a wonderful book for any child but especially for one who has difficulty with intense emotions. It may help the child develop a strategy that could be of benefit for life.



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