Brianna Bright Ballerina Knight by Pam Calvert. Illustrated by Liana Hee. Book Review.

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The story begins

“Brianna Bright’s tiny heart longed to dance. Unfortunately, her feet didn’t follow. When practicing, she pranced and piqued and pivoted… right into the palace pool.”

Brianna is heartbroken when she decides she doesn’t have the talent for dancing. She tries out a variety of things such as ice skating, baking, soccer, and fencing with no luck. She is drawn back to fencing but in her second attempt decides this is not her talent either. One night she sees thieves stealing the palace jewels. She grabs her  sword and attacks using a combination of dance and fencing moves. She saves the jewels and uses “her ballerina balance with her fencing fight” and becomes Brianna Bright Ballerina Knight.

There is a glossary of ballet and fencing terms at the back of the book which helps greatly with the new vocabulary.

The rhythm of the story is well-paced and engaging. The illustrations are delightful. The message of persistence is sure to stimulate conversation. The combination of two divergent yet related talents is interesting and could stimulate more ideas for children to explore.

An enjoyable book.

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