Card Holder and Shuffler – Toy Reviews

In this high-tech era, the simple joy of playing cards is often overlooked. Cards can teach numeracy, addition, sequence, pattern, probability, remembering location, and matching. As well, children practice taking turns, following rules, accepting loss and win with grace, patience, hand-eye coordination, and social interaction. Families make more eye contact with each other than they do with video games.

We started with Go Fish, a simplified once through the deck version of War, and Concentration.

Here are two items that can assist the littlest child with card playing.

Durability 4 stars Made of thick plastic. Can be dropped and banged but could break with enough force.
Play quality 4 stars Holds five cards comfortably. Seven is a little tricky as two cards can accidentally be pulled at the same time.
Safety 5 stars Rounded edges, comfortable to hold.
Age interest 5 stars Can be used by anyone. Because Parkinson’s makes holding cards awkward, I’ve used it from time to time.
Storage and portability 5 stars Can be slipped into a purse or large pocket along with a deck of cards.
Price 5 stars Usually less than $5.00
Highly recommended.


Even small children want to take turns shuffling. This makes its possible without a mess.

Durability 5 stars This is my third card shuffler. It has already far outlasted the other two. I don’t know how long it will hold up, but after a few months it is still going strong.
Play quality 5 stars With the hassle of shuffling simplified, it’s much easier to enjoy playing cards with little ones. (I use it because Parkinson’s makes me clumsy.)
Safety 4 stars Little ones need to be taught to keep their fingers away from the wheels when the are running or they could get a friction burn. The box says 8 and up but younger children can use it UNDER VERY CLOSE ADULT SUPERVISION.
Age interest 5 stars Great for all card players.
Storage and portability 5 stars Slides easily back into the box. Can fit in a tote bag.
Price 3 stars  The  price varies from $10 to $50. I wouldn’t pay more than $20.
Well recommended.

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