Morton McMortimer and the Mars Expedition by Franz. Illustrated by Sebastian Caceres. Book Review.

Morton McMortimer is a creative, fearless child who feels disappointed that his nemesis, Priyanka, won first place in the science fair for her trip to the moon. His day is made even worse by being served kale at supper. He decides to build a spaceship and go to Mars. The journey is long and boring and made all the more stressful by the lack of washrooms. When he arrives there, Morton discovers the planet is made of red kale. His father grounds him when he returns home but Morton is still enthusiastic and realizes he could do more wondrous things with a little inventing and imagination.
This story is written in solid rhyme. The rhythm and beat are impressive and interesting words are rhymed or near rhymed such as chillier and familiar, stealthy and healthy, rising and fantasizing, feller and propeller, stowing and going , and worst and reverse. This picture book is for high level readers or for parents to share with young listeners.
Kale seems to be to this generation what spinach was to mine – a healthy food that children resist eating. I was hoping Morton would discover that kale soup or some other dish with kale was good at the end of the story, but he didn’t.
The pictures are bright, lively, and detailed. The book is set up like a graphic novel. Children will love the illustrations.
On the title page, there is a quote, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” -Thomas Edison. This is a terrific reminder to parents to allow their children to engage in imaginative creation using items other than Legos and pre-scripted materials. It is only with junk you can destroy, if necessary, that creation can be unhindered, wildly inventive, and truly original.
Highly recommended.

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