Build This City (Lego City). Book Review.

When I ordered this book for my granddaughter, I thought it was an instruction book on how to build a city out of Legos. I was disappointed to find that it was actually a book about how buildings were constructed using Legos for the illustrations. But I changed my feelings about it when I shared it with my granddaughter. We both learned some new words about machines. She was really interested in the steps involved in putting up a building and I realized that I might be able to construct some of the vehicles just by looking at the pictures.

The nonfiction part of the book is told in logical sequence with simple words and minimal text on each page. It explains the work of the foreman. It shows the steps workers take such as chipping away large rocks with the jackhammer or using shovels and wheelbarrows to take away the rubble.

The illustrations are hand-drawn Lego characters, vehicles and buildings constructed from Legos. They’re bright and simple but clearly depict machines such as a bulldozer, excavator, front-end loader, single-drum roller, compactor, concrete drum, skid loader, crawler crane, mobile crane, and tower crane.

This book is a great way of explaining what happens at construction sites. It is sure to please both Lego fans and children fascinated by big machines. It would also be useful in a classroom if you are studying simple machines.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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