Conclusion of Celebrity Writers Theme

That concludes my book review theme of celebrity writers. Of the books I reviewed, I would have to say they were rather good. Celebrities can afford to hire great editorials and illustrators. They also sink money into an attractive package. . This makes the book look polished and professional.

They have the funds and connections for a highly dynamic publicity program. They can plug their books on talk-shows, interviews, and to millions of followers on social media. Small presses or indie writers can’t possibly compete at this level.

You can almost predict which authors/celebrities are going to produce a worthwhile book. Billy Crystal did not disappoint. John Lithgow and Steve Martin were zany and unpredictable. Jamie Lea Curtis was a pleasant surprise as was Sarah Ferguson’s work. Seinfeld was as self-absorbed as I expected while Julie Andrews kept her sweet old-fashioned persona intact.  I previously reviewed Christie Yamaguchi’s book Claras Kindness. Christie is a fellow Jodo Shinshu Buddhist so I was not surprised that her story illustrated the karmic cycle of behavior.

So I would give the celebrity books an overall four-smiles rating, most of them were commendable. Now, I’m sure there are others out there that are terrible but I selected my from the public library so right away we know that they are quality books. These books were already vetted as quality picture books. Perhaps I should have dug through the used bookstore as well.

My theme for the end of this month is the number three but I will be reviewing other books as well, continuing recycled Sundays, and veering offstream occasionally. I look forward to your comments,

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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