Still Crazy by Diana Rubino. Book Review.

This book was given to me for review. The complete title is Still Crazy – Can obsession continue from beyond the grave? I was expecting a book mostly about a ghost or haunting of Alyssa Tyler. Oddly though, the death of the obsessive Clay Lynch, occurs almost at the end. On the back cover it also says he wrecks her wedding by kidnapping her. This is the big climax also at the end. Personally, I would rather not have known the conclusion. I felt let down that it didn’t go beyond what I already knew.

The book is about obsession and codependent behavior. I think this has a good topic for women who find themselves in unhealthy relationships they just can’t break off. There is a moment where the protagonist goes on to a television show and is diagnosed and helped. A lot of valuable information is shared on codependency. I think some readers might find this very helpful with regards to their own relationships. Although many men would not go as far as Clay, codependency is fairly common and sabotages many women’s chance for genuine happiness.

I was expecting a big turnaround in Alyssa’s behaviour after therapy but she barely changed.  She still kept leading on Clay, purposefully or not purposefully, it’s hard to tell. I would have liked her a whole lot more if she had had a genuine shift in behaviour. Because the Alyssa kept on teasing and feeding Clay’s obsession with her, the book seems to drag after she was diagnosed and treated. She was kind of an irritating protagonist. It was hard to cheer for her when she continually made bad decisions. She didn’t listen when given good advice, such as getting a restraining order and not seeing him under any circumstances.

Clay was just plain creepy.

I found the dialogue a little unnatural, as though the author was trying to hard to fit the diagnosis of obsession and codependency into the novel. I think, if you are a writer, the best thing you can do is read your dialogue out loud to someone and see how it really sounds.

There are some  fairly hot scenes in the book for those who like a little sizzle in the novels. I have mixed feelings about this book but that’s my personal taste. I ‘m sure many readers will enjoy it.


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