Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld. Illustrated by James Bennett. Book Review.

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Although you find this book in the children’s picture book section, I believe it is actually written for adults. It’s told from Seinfeld’s point of view. It is a recollection of his obsession with candy as a child and the trials and tribulations of Halloween. Some of it is quite funny, especially if you’re old enough to remember things like the skinny elastics on masks that always break.

There are parts that children can identify with, such as being forced to wear a coat over their costume or finally getting the Superman costume and realizing it doesn’t fit the way they had dreamed. The vocabulary and the sentence structure are not a comfortable fit for a picture book.

However, the level of greed and rudeness in this book is not something I would like to share on a steady basis with a child. For instance, he throws a Halloween treat he deems unsuitable back at the old lady and hits her on the top of the head. When he is asked, “What are you supposed to be?” he responds, “I’m supposed to be done by now. You want to move it along with the Three Musketeers?”

He consumes the entire punch bowl full of candy on Halloween night and wakes up feeling fantastic. What can I say about that?

All in all, this book seems more like a self-indulgent comedy skit Seinfeld would perform on stage and less like a children’s picture book. While you read this, you can probably imagine his voice as he delivers the lines.


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