The Joy of a Grandpa – I Already Know I Love You by Billy Crystal. Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles. Book Review.

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This book is written to an unborn child from his grandfather. It begins:
“I’m going to be a grandpa!
I have the biggest smile.
I’ve been waiting to meet you
for such a long, long while.”

The book goes on to talk about all the things the grandfather plans on sharing with his grandchild, baseball, animals, flying kites, peekaboo, singing her to sleep, and more. The rhyming holds up well and complements the gentle, lullaby tone. I could easily see this being sung to a child.

One especially lovely part is where he reminisces about taking her mommy to her first movie when she was little.
“When I took your mommy,
I never watched the screen.
The movie was in her smile –
to her was a dream.”

This book is a touching, loving devotion to an unborn child. It would make a beautiful present from a grandfather.

The illustrator, Elizabeth Sayles, does a wonderful job of creating realistic, endearing, and beautiful pastel pictures. They are a perfect complement to the words.

Billy Crystal has created a book that is bound to become a family favorite and kept in a memory trunk long after the child has outgrown it. Highly recommended.


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