Why I Love Canada. Illustrated by Daniel Howarth. Book Review.

buy link – Why I Love Canada: Celebrating Canada, in children’s very own words 

Why I love Canada… How would you finish that sentence with a simple phrase? There are so many possibilities.

This is the last book in my celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Fittingly, it is entitled “Why I Love Canada.” Also, it is a picture book which is the general focus of my blog.

This is a square board book with double-page full-color spreads. There are 13 pages plus the inside back and front covers are used for the story.

On each page is printed, “I love Canada because…”. What follows is a simple completion such as, “we have wide-open spaces, we welcome all different kinds of people, we have all the seasons, and we speak many languages.” However, the clever thing is that each page it is illustrated using authentic representation of animals, except for human-like smiles. For example, “we welcome all different kinds of people” features a cardinal, a robin, a redheaded woodpecker, and a black and white bird I can’t identify, in the same tree. The page reading, “we have a great national anthem” is cleverly illustrated by a pack of wolves howling to the moon, done mostly in blue and white. The illustrations are fabulous. The last page is especially delightful with all the animals meeting up together at the river.

I really liked this book until I researched it because of a small notation on the cover. Now I love it. Each of the sentences was written by a child in Alberta. (That explains the buffalo.) The illustrator then took the sentences and created the book. This is the kind of think I loved doing when I was a primary teacher. Children have a wonderful way of noticing the beautiful.

Most pages feature an animal parent and child in the wild. Besides the previously mentioned birds and animals, there are puffins, otters, beavers, brown bears, loons, mountain goats, salmon, polar bears, and cardinals. On the page “we find nature everywhere” we see a park bench in a city with a robin, chipmunk, squirrel, and raccoon.

This is a cozy, feel good book. It makes you grateful for this beautiful country and protective of its animals. What a wonderful text to the read while cuddled with your child. What a perfect ending to a month of Canadian books.


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