Good Morning, Canada by Andrea Lynn Beck. Book Review.

Good Morning, Canada

The double-page spread illustrations in this book are soft and inviting. It features racially diverse children in various Canadian environments and activities.

The story is told in rhyme which, thankfully, holds up quite well. It reads aloud smoothly. The rhyming is never awkward or forced.

It begins with two boys high up on a ladder looking across the map of Canada. The words read, “Where are you out there?… Good morning, Canada!

The next page reads, “Good morning, beaver.” Two little girls, who are camping, peek out from behind a tree. Five beavers chew sticks beside an impressive lodge. In the background are two moose and a red canoe. I especially love the fact that the children are tenting.

Featured throughout the book are moose, Canadian geese, kayaks and canoes, loonies and toonies, hockey, tobogganing, Mounties, maple syrup, and fields of wheat. Although it does not feature every Canadian activity or special environment, it shares just enough of the classics with a child to give them a taste of the variety and richness of our country.

This is a wonderful book to share with a preschooler or primary student. Parents and teachers alike will enjoy the conversations that rise from the illustrations. Adults are sure to have a story prompted by most of the pictures. I have several stories of being accidentally (?) dunked by my husband when we were embarking or docking our canoe.

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