Colossal Canada – 100 Epic Facts and Feats by Elizabeth McLeod and Freda Wishinsky. Book Review.


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This pocketbooks style nonfiction paperback is jampacked with interesting tidbits and photographs. The content chapters are:

  • uniquely Canadian
  • extremely Canadian
  • unforgettable Canadian moments
  • highflying Canada
  • who put the can in Canada
  • Canada did it
  • colossal Canada
  • monsters myths and mysteries
  • things that make you sing “O Canada”
  • Canada rocks the world

This would be a good book for someone new to Canada as it often explores cultural idiosyncrasies. It discusses such things as Inuksuk (which I also see spelled Inukshuk), tuques, mukluks, poutine, kayaks, and lacrosse. Our widely varied geology and strange and dangerous animals show up in chapter 2. Included in chapter 3 is the involvement of Halifax in the rescue operations for the Titanic. It always impresses me how, for such a sparsely populated country, Canadians have come up with so many wonderful inventions, a few of which appear in chapters 4 and 6. Chapter five discusses some of our odd place names such as Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump and the hoodoos of Alberta.

I love this section in chapter 8 entitled “Five Myths About Canada” with explanations. For those non-Canadians reading this, just in case I will give you the headlines.

  • Myth number one: Canadians live in igloos.
  • Number two: Canada is always covered in snow. (It only feels that way. )
  • Number three: the national sport is hockey.
  • Number four: Canadian police officers dress in red.
  • Number five Canada is just like the U. S.

For those of you are interested in the unusual – Did you know Canada has its own special werewolf mythology? Did you know Northumberland Strait has a ghost ship? Neither did I.

This is definitely a fun and interesting book to read and its small size makes it easily portable. Great for leisure reading and for the classroom.


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