Janoose the Goose by J.D. Holiday. Book Review.

The story begins immediately with an interesting dilemma. Janoose the goose, who wears glasses and has a job, panics when geese fly overhead and she realizes she has less time before she has to leave than she thought. She is on holiday at the farm and has only one more opportunity to catch a flight home. They are interrupted by a Fox trying to catch a baby duckling. Janoose drives him off by honking and chasing him. The farm animals discuss the incident and reveal that the fox is after the feathers to sell to a factory in town. The animals don’t want Janoose to leave but there is no money for security guard. The suspense builds to a satisfying conclusion.

This is a good introduction to longer stories for children who enjoy suspense. Janoose is a resilient heroine and the farm animals work together to solve the problem. I laughed when the police, goat and a dog(?), put the fox in handcuffs. Maybe a chain around his neck would have worked. Children will probably not notice these kinds of discrepancies anyway.

The illustrations are brightly colored, childlike drawings.

This book would be suitable to be read to six and seven-year-olds who may be able to read parts on their own.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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