Prince Preemie by Jewel Kats. Illustrated by Claudia Marie Lenart. Book Review.


This is a fairy tale featuring anthropomorphized dogs. The Queen dog gives birth to a premature puppy. Unfortunately, the craftsman has not had time to create a crown for the puppy. Without this item, the King’s subjects will not acknowledge the pup as a member of the royal family. Instead of wearing a crown and being paraded throughout the kingdom, the little puppy is in an incubator. Never before in the history of the kingdom has the Queen and her puppy had to stay in hospital instead of celebrating with people. The Queen becomes depressed. The king decides to solve the problem in a unique and loving way.

This is a sweet, gentle story that explains indirectly what happens when a baby is born prematurely. Using the dog characters creates more of a story atmosphere instead of an explanation. The siblings of a premature baby would be able to read this without distress and come away with a better understanding of the situation.

Lenart’s illustrations are absolutely adorable. She uses soft sculpture with wool and other materials to create her world. The dogs seem cuddly and lovable. Children who like stuffies will absolutely love these pictures.

Although this book would be of great benefit to children encountering the birth of a premature child, the story is broad enough to interest any child between the ages of two and seven.

I was given an ebook copy for review. CLICK ON THE COVER FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY THE BOOK.

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