Princess Crazy

Princesses and little girls who want to be them  – like or dislike? You may love the idea of little girls in fancy gowns and tiaras or you may hate  it. I don’t see it as a simple either/or. Princess Diana did a lot of charity work. She also helped to reduce the stigma against aids and leprosy patients by publicly touching them. I would love for little girls to want to emulate her compassion.

As long as we tell fairy tales, little girls will imagine themselves as Cinderella who was not spoiled. She falls into a grey area… disinherited, worked hard, kind, forgiving, and gutsy. There are definitely some princesses who fall deeply into the SPOILED TOO MUCH category. The Princess and the Pea (also called The Real Princess) tells the story of an ultra diva.

Way back when I was a teacher librarian, I had great fun working with some students on a rap/chant about this fussy royalty. Recently, I made that poem into a video 3 1/2 minute video. I’m sharing the script here with you to use with your daughters and granddaughters, brownies, students, club members, etc. It’s a lot of fun to perform. Please send a picture if you use it.

The video:

The script:



The Princess and the Pea

by Westmount School Primary Young Authors

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

and Bonnie Ferrante Teacher-Librarian (B. Blake)

April, 1995.

Once upon a time a queen was truly sad.

Where was a real princess to marry her lad?

They searched in Asia, Africa and Japan,

The North Pole, the South Pole, they drove in a van.

They couldn’t find a wife for him anywhere.

They learned a real princess was quite rare.

A real princess. Rare as a jewel.

A real princess. Goes to private school.


One looked like a frog. One ate like a pig.

One had rotten teeth and a weird purple wig.

So they gave up searching. They both went home.

To their comfy castle, no more to roam.

Then the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared.

A knock came loudly as the raindrops poured.

It was a wet, ragged girl with knots in her hair.

“I’m a real princess. I was chased by a bear.”

A real princess. Rare as a jewel.

A real princess. Wow! So cool!


They invited her in, gave her dry clothes and food.

“I demand a fresh bed,” said the princess. How rude.

The queen piled mattresses, ten, fifteen, twenty.

Slid a pea underneath, and said, “That is plenty.”

The princess tossed and turned. She just couldn’t sleep.

She woke up in the morning and started to weep.

“I have bruises on my back, and I hate that bed.”

“You’re a real princess!” the joyful queen said.

A real princess. Rare as a jewel.

A real princess. One you can’t fool.


The princess and the prince were married in June.

The prince found out, she was snobby, by noon.

She complained about dinner. She complained about the ring.

She was never satisfied about a dog-gone thing.

So there’s a lesson to be learned in our story today.

To wed a real princess just doesn’t pay.

A real princess. Rare as a jewel.

A real princess. Throw her in the pool.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages

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