It’s a Bummer for the Plumber! by Joshua Tiner. Illustrated by Najwan Zoubi.

Tiner must have missed the line in my submission guidelines that says no religious books because this is a picture book written specifically for Christian children. The plumber has a bad day. He gets drenched by broken faucets, yelled at by an elderly lady, drenched by a broken bathtub pipe, splattered by feces from a clogged toilet, and arrives home late and exhausted. The text reads, “Soon it will be a brand new day.” The page is dominated by a large portrait of Christ as the plumber kneels and prays. The next morning he does some stretches and heads off to work. The back of the book blurb says, “…although life can be tough, having faith and a positive outlook will get you through the day because there is hope for tomorrow.” The author has succeeded in portraying this message.

The illustrations are great. They seem to be done in vivid pencil crayon. The pumber’s mishaps are zany and lively. I do think it would have been better to keep them as a surprise rather than cluttering up the cover with miniatures of the inside pages.

The text rhymes well. Each page repeats, “It’s a bummer for the plumber.” This would be a fun book to read-aloud with expression.

I was given a printed copy by the author for review. Since this is a Christian message book and not an actual story I will refrain from posting a rating. If you are looking for a book for Sunday school, this one will definitely catch your classes attention.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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