Elephant Wind by Heather L. Beal. Illustrated by Jubayda Sagor. Book Review.


Elephant Wind is a book about safety during a tornado. It is written to reassure and inform young children of what to do when a tornado warning sounds.

The book features a class of children that are illustrated as various animals in much the same style as Warner Bros. earlier cartoons. The teacher seems a little odd, basically a completely human body with an owl head. But children will like the characters with their big eyes and happy smiles.

The story begins with the students attending a science fair. When a siren sounds, the owl teacher takes the children into the basement. She explains that a tornado is a funnel shaped cloud and compares it to an elephant trunk. She explains to the students where they should go whenever there is a tornado warning.

When the story ends, the children are told that the neighbor’s house was damaged. In response, the children decide to make them a card so they won’t be sad. Then one child suggests they bake cookies or cupcakes as well.

This is a reassuring book for children who live in tornado areas. It also encourages children to do something to help within their capabilities when there is a disaster.

I was given an e-book copy of this book for review. Click on the cover to buy a copy.


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