A B C Doctor: Staying Healthy from A to C by Harriet Ziefert. Illustrations by Liz Murphy. Book Review.

This is the type of book you would use with a child to prepare them for going to the doctor. The alphabet is incidental.

The first page says “A for appointment. Doctors are very busy people. If you need to see the doctor, you have to make an appointment before you go. In an emergency, if you are injured a very sick the doctor will see you right away.” This format continues with words such as bandage, checkup, Dr., examination, fever, and germs.

The book discusses ways to keep healthy such as washing your hands and getting your inoculations. It shows some of the apparatus a doctor or nurse will use to check you over. Some of the words will be new to a child such as otoscope, which is an instrument used to look into your ears. It even explains about urine samples and vomit. It ends with “Y for yucky. There’s no reason to keep feeling yucky when all you have to do is see the doctor to feel… A Zillion times better!”

The illustrations are full-page and double page spreads. They seem to be drawn with pastel on canvas. The humans have extremely skinny arms and legs and tiny facial features on large heads.

This book has a gentle, informative approach to seeing the doctor. It could be used with children aged four and up. Because it is also an alphabet book, I think a child might be more receptive to the content.


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