Mixing Primary Colors

Mixing Colors

Follow soon -to-be four years old Kayleigh as she mixes the primary colors to create the secondary colors. How to make secondary colors is reinforced with graphics.
My goal is to make 1-4 videos a month that are both fun and educational for children or  helpful to teachers and parents. If you have a topic you would like me to tackle, please leave me a line.

2 thoughts on “Mixing Primary Colors

    • I spent hours and hours preparing and cleaning up hands-on activities for my classes. I, personally, have to DO it myself to remember it. (Too many teachers think that once a student is out of primary grades, they don’t need as much hands on learning.) It was a lot of work, but effective. I also found creating rhymes and songs for things they had to memorize made learning easier and much more fun. No one in my class will ever forget the planets or the continents, for example. 🙂


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