Dragon Song by Nan Sweet. Book Review.

This is an 8 x 10 picture book about a dragon who loves to sing. But, “Nobody liked it when Glenna, the Dragon, sang. People were upset.” Not only do people dislike the sound but her voice knocks down trees and breaks things. A village girl finally helps Glenna to learn to sing softly and sweetly. Glenna improves so much she wins second place in the talent show. The story ends “Glenna would like to sing with you. Shall we sing together?” At this point I was expecting a song to be included so that the child could actually sing with the Dragon.

I think the message is that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams but when they are harming others you may have to reconsider how you are using them. It also encourages discussion about how our habits affect those around us. It could also be a lot of fun to make up a dragon song with your child.

The illustrations appear to be drawn on computer with a soft brush. While this can be an effective tool, I think it is over used in this book giving it a blurred appearance. Some of the pictures are very well done such as the abbey and the bird who lost her feathers. Others need work, such as Glenna’s mother and the friends hiding in the tree.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages

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