Once Upon a Potty written and illustrated by Alona Frankel. Book Review.

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Well, this is a twist on “Once Upon.” This simple little book is told through the viewpoint of Joshua was mother. It begins with a picture of the mother holding the hand of a naked little boy. Although it is healthy for a child to see the little boy’s penis and anus when talking about bodily functions, calling them a pee-pee for making wee-wee and a little hole for making poo-poo may not be the preferred vocabulary for many parents.

Joshua receives a potty from his grandmother. (Boy, that grandmother sure knows how to thrill a kid.) He tries to use it, but fails. He makes wee-wee and poo-poo on the floor. He continues to mess his diaper. Finally he sits on the potty and refuses to get up until he finally uses it correctly. He carries the potty to his mother who flushes the contents down the toilet. From that point on, he uses the potty consistently.

While not exactly a suspenseful thriller, the book holds a child’s attention because of the naked illustrations.

The mother’s calm reaction to Joshua’s accidents can be re-assuring to a child. The fact that Joshua sits for an extremely long time before succeeding can prepare a child for the necessity of patience.

This book is also available is a girl’s version. I can’t imagine what she calls a vulva.

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