Little Free Library Update

Those of you who have sent me books fore review know that they go into my Little Free Library for my neighbours to enjoy. (If you would like information on this, go to Unfortunately, in one of those typical northern Ontario winter events, the temperature went from-5C to -33C within a day and made the plexiglass in the door buckle. Dampness began to seep into the books.

The box needed rejuvenation anyway. Even though I used at least 8 layers of protection, the red ink on the quotes ran and blurred. So I scraped it down, my husband gave it a rough sanding, and I started over. I finished the pictures today. Tomorrow I’ll do a bit of touching up, add more glitter (of course), and start putting on protective coats of Varathane.

Here’s how it looks so far. I’m actually pretty pleased with what I was able to do with pens and brushes despite my Parkinson’s tremor.

img_0903The side facing the sidewalk. The welcome words need a little more punch.

img_0904This one needs lots more glitter.

img_0901The back.

After, I realized it seems male-dominate, but there are actually four females and four males. Three of the females, however, are tiny. Do you know who they are?


Click on the covers for more information or to purchase the book.

Books featured on my library walls:




Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages

2 thoughts on “Little Free Library Update

  1. I recognize Charlotte from Charlotte’s web (one of my favourite books!) And Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Is that Wendy with Tink?
    Sorry about the weather problems you’re having, Bonnie. Glad you’re getting it all sorted out. Hope all the books are okay. =D


    • That’s a Canadian favourite, The Paper Bag Princess. I added the books to the posting.

      I’m hoping to get the library back up by the March break if it’s not too cold or snowy.

      Winter’s been pretty mild thus far. The books are good. I left them out to air all over my house for a week before packing them in boxes.


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