The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb. Book review.

This very simple story shows a little girl learning how to make paper dolls from her mother. Each doll is named and unique. They are not perfect. For example, Jim has two noses. But they dance, jump, sing, and run away from a dinosaur. The little girl takes them on adventure after adventure until a little boy snips them into pieces. But in her vivid imagination the little girl reunites the pieces and the paper dolls continue their magical, wondrous adventures.

When the little girl grows up and becomes a mother, she teaches her own little girl to make paper dolls and the adventure begins all over again. This might seem like it would be a boring book but my three-year-old granddaughter was totally engaged and intrigued.

Obviously, the follow up to reading this is making paper dolls with your child. The illustrations are soft drawings. The child has two dots for eyes, very far apart, and the bare whisper of a nose and mouth. Yet we understand what she’s feeling by her body movements and the words.

This is a lovely, gentle book that reminds us children do not need expensive toys to have fun. Sitting down and learning how to make paper dolls with their mother and using these dolls in imaginative ways can bring hours of pleasure.

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How to make paper doll chains.

Get a long thin strip of paper. paper-strip

Fold it like an accordion.


Draw the doll with her hands extending beyond the edge of the fold. I also do the skirt like that for extra strength and stability.


Cut it out carefully.


You can have feet too.


Unfold the paper and colour each doll.


Try out other SYMMETRICAL shapes.


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