Mirror, Mirror, Smashed to Pieces


What if there was a magic mirror that showed only your ugliness when you looked into it? What if that mirror was smashed on a mountain top and a million slivers drifted on the wind down into the villages? So begins the story of the Snow Queen.


In the traditional fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, the Snow Queen plays a minor but important role. Without her kidnapping of Kay, Gerda would have no one to  rescue.

Much more importantly, her character inspired the creation of C.S. Lewis’s evil queen who terrifies the beings in Narnia throughout several books.


As a tribute to the Lego Batman movie, I’ve created an 11 minute video on a simplified and slightly altered version of the traditional Snow Queen story. It’s taking much longer than I expected, but I should be posting it on you tube quite soon. Have you ever tried costuming Duplo characters? Their bulky little bodies proved to be quite challenging. I’ve posted a few pics to give you an idea of  what I’m doing. A big problem with Legos is how few female characters there are.

I’m using the experimental method, no training or books, so I’ve had to redo and redo and redo. But, I’ve learned a lot and have ideas for improvement. (Unfortunately, the projected backdrop didn’t work but I have a different method to try next time.)

If you haven’t checked out my youtube site, here’s what it says on my “About” page.

“Welcome parents, teachers, and kids to my safe youtube site. Kids can listen to a book being read or a story being told, learn about words and numbers, and sing along. Adults can watch a book trailer and find new active ways to teach your children using inexpensive materials, active learning, and the outdoors.”


Click on the picture to buy little people.

Click on the cover to buy the book.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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