I don’t think people realize the effort and time that goes in to producing a good book. Six months to six years. This article is bang on.


There is a growing trend in society to believe that books should be free or heavily discounted and we have all been guilty of feeding into it. I pick up freebies but I am also happy to pay for the books I want. Maybe I can’t get all the ones I want but hey isn’t that just life? I see lots of clothes I like and I might be able to pick up a new dress for a special occasion or a new pair of jeans because my old ones have holes in where no self-respecting forty-something wants holes but I can’t buy every item that my heart desires. Certainly not on my non-existent income as an author. Just as well I have a full-time job that stops me from being a starving artist languishing in a garret with only bread and water to sustain me. My day-time job takes…

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2 thoughts on “#Booksarenotfree

  1. People do not understand the amount of work that goes into a book. The writing is just one part of it. It’s an exhaustive process. The research, the planning, the drafts, the editing, the self-publishing, the artwork, and the constant marketing just to name a few. On top of that, we spend our own money on printing, copyrights, vendor fees at book festivals, promotional materials, ISBN #’s, etc. Both the money and hours I have spent on my books is well into the thousands.

    I don’t know how many people have read my books and either asked if they could get a copy free or make the comment, ‘wow I could do this.’ To those people I say this, “I am glad my writing was so well done that I made it look easy for anyone to do. I implore you to write your very own book. When it’s finished, after the thousands of hours you have spent on it have passed and after you have spent thousands of dollars on your first run of books, please, let me see your book so I can ask you if I can get a copy for free.”


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