Top Three Young Adult Books I Reviewed in 2016

#1 Radical by E.M. Kokie.

This realistic contemporary novel is for mature young adults and up. I say that because it has some light lesbian sexual interplay. But it is a worthy read for any young adult especially those concerned about an upcoming societal collapse.

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#2 The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood by Henderson Smith.

The book is full of intrigue and exploits balanced by a coming-of-age experience sure to tug at your heart. Olive is such a wonderful protagonist that you may find yourself tearing up. Her animal sidekicks will make you smile and her love interest will make you hopeful.

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#3 Zeros by Scott Westerfeld,  Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti. 

While the plot is clever and contains a few surprises, it is the characters and their development that holds the reader to the page. They each represent something people struggle with. Scam shows what happens when we speak thoughtlessly. Anonymous symbolizes how we all struggle to be truly seen by others and our desire to be remembered.

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Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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