Who Would Adopt a Dog Like That? – Priceless Penny by Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf. Illustrated by James Sell. Book Review.


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The cover of this book catches your eye right away. It features a bright picture of a large eye dog, ears up, tongue hanging out, grin on her goofy little face. Then you notice that her left paw is deformed. When you open the book you see a beautiful illustration of a dog in a cage sleeping on her back.

It begins:

“Today is the day,” thought Penny excitedly.

It was adoption day at the shelter and she just knew that she was going to find her forever home.

From this point on, the reader is hooked. Every time a prospective owner views Penny, the response is negative. An elderly woman calls her a poor little thing. Two little girls say, “Ew. We don’t want her!” Two teenage boys call her ugly, weird, and a loser as they make fun of all his different physical features. Penny is not adopted and she despairs of ever being loved.

In the end, Penny is rescued by Sherri and taken to Second Chance Animal Rescue in Springfield, Illinois. From there she is brought to Lauren’s home where she is accepted by the other dogs, some with challenges of their own.

The story ends:

Penny was so happy!

Not only was she being adopted, but she was going to have for furry friends to play with.

And a family who loves her…… Just exactly the way that she is.

If this story doesn’t put a lump in your throat, go to the author’s website and see the actual pictures of Penny and the other rescued dogs. This book has all the more punch when you realize it is basically a true story. On the back cover is a picture of the actual Penny.

Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf includes a page of rescued dogs with the words:

These are the faces of rescue. Please adopt your next furry friend from your local animal shelter or rescue group. Together, we can show the world that different is beautiful!

Not only does this book teach children to be compassionate to animals and accept them for the way they are, but I am sure that children are smart enough to draw a parallel into their own lives. There is so much valuable subject matter to discuss with your child after reading this book. I love that it addresses the horrible reality of the euthanasia of unwanted pets but does so in a positive, uplifting and inspiring manner.


The author was interviewed on this blog November 23, 2016.

A copy of this book was generously donated by the author to my Little Free Library.

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