Who Is the Real Enemy? – Alien Infection by Darrell Bain. Book Review.


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Alien Infection is a science fiction/suspense novel for adults. A lab technician is accidentally stuck with the needle while drawing blood from a dying man who has been brought in by Homeland Security. At first he is worried that he may have contracted AIDS or some other disease but he soon discovers it is much more complicated and terrifying.

Darrell Bain creates a believable protagonist, Mike Brandon. We may not agree with all of his choices but we definitely understand them. When it becomes apparent that there is more going on than Homeland Security rounding up threats to America’s safety, Mike has to make some difficult and heartbreaking decisions.

The author puts just enough tech and medical jargon to make the book professional without bogging down the plot with unnecessary details. He uses all the skills necessary to create a fast-paced yet comfortable read. Darrell Bain’s experiences working in the medical field and as a Vietnam vet give the sickness, injury, and death scenes as well as the gun-fights authenticity.

I don’t want to give spoilers. The book is an enjoyable and suspenseful read. From the title, you can ascertain that aliens are involved but they are quite likely not what you expect.

This is definitely an adult book as there are some fairly explicit sexual scenes, not erotica, but for mature readers.

A lot of fun that also gets the reader thinking.


A copy of this book was generously donated by the author to my Little Free Library.

Darrell Bain was interviewed on this blog December 7, 2016.

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