Stars for Sing the Planets: I’ll Remember That

If you are a elementary classroom teacher or a parent of a child who is developing an interest in space, these reviews are for you.

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Autumn Reviews

on October 31, 2016
Song, hand and body movements, mnemonics and more—Sing the Planets: An “I’ll That” Book by Bonnie Ferrante is sure to be a hit in the classroom and at home. This gem of a book is perfect for reaching readers and listeners of diverse learning styles.
Ferrante not only includes the sheet music for the song, she has also produced a YouTube video (you’ll find its web link in the book), making it easy for teachers and parents to get the kids singing and swinging, enthusiastically performing hand and body movements to the tune. Sing the Planets not only includes detailed information about the eight planets (explaining that Pluto is no longer listed among them), it presents information about the entire solar system and includes mythological details about the origins of the naming of the planets. The illustrations include photos taken by NASA and other space agencies. Ferrante not only makes learning about the planets easy to remember—she makes it memorable! I highly recommend Sing the Planets to elementary teachers, librarians and to parents as well.
~ Bette A. Stevens, author of award-winning picture book Amazing Matilda (Children’s Literature): The Tale of A Monarch Butterfly and other books for children and adults
on November 5, 2016
Many of us still remember the songs or verses we learned for learning the colors of the rainbow or the months of the year, or the number of days in each month. This book is a fun way for kids to learn the names of the planets by way of a song. At the beginning of the book is a link to a YouTube video where you can learn the song tune and the movements to the first verse. It is helpful to watch this upfront and then to read the book with your child, while learning the song together. The fun hand movements for the whole song are clearly explained in the book by way of images and are easy to follow. There is also a page of information on each of the planets with images as well as some other interesting information on the inner and outer planets. As an adult I even learned some new stuff! Children learn best by incorporating different learning styles and this book includes reading, listening, visual, movements and singing. Kids will never forget the planet names after this.
Recommended for all young children learning about the planets at school or at home.
on October 20, 2016
Through songs, this book offers a creative and fun method of learning about the planets in our solar system. It’s designed for children, and is to be used in tandem with the author’s youtube channel. The information is laid out in a very logical, straightforward manner. The readers will not only learn about scientific facts about our solar system, but also the meaning behind the planets’ names.

For kids who are really interested in astronomy, this book offers mainly general information (which makes sense given that the information is set to song). Be warned: Those of us who are still disappointed about Pluto no longer being classified as a planet will be reminded of that painful fact!


Author’s Blurb

Here is an active way to learn the order of the planets and have fun doing it. Children learn quicker and retain information longer, the more different learning styles are involved. This book uses music, rhyme, singing, pictures and movement to help students learn the order of the planets, the meanings of their names, their position, and their classification. The detailed illustrations demonstrate the movements accompanying the song which is roughly to the tune of Alouette. The particular notes are included with each movement as well as a full piece of music at the end of the book.

When teaching elementary school for thirty-three years, Bonnie Ferrante used this strategy effectively with several classes. Whether your child is learning about the planets for personal interest or for school, this book will provide the key facts and a successful method for learning them.

The first verse is demonstrated on youtube.


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