A Craft Table. Maybe. Maybe Not.

I got tired of the mess of doing crafts with my granddaughters on the dining room table. We don’t have an eat-in kitchen, so that was the only available place. When there was only one girl around, I tried sharing my sewing/writing room with her but I just have too much clutter. So, I decided I would refinish an old wooden table and set it up in the family room.

Since I love trees so much, and we only have leaves on them for 5 1/2 months, they appear in various forms throughout my house. I decided to make the table look like a birch tree in autumn. Here’s how it turned out.


Great, eh? Yeah, too bad. I liked it so much I put it beside a little chair I refinished and it will be used for playing games or eating in front of the television. What about crafts? That’s another post.

The chair comes with a story too. I saw the two of them at a Value Village store and texted my husband at work, “wouldn’t Sarah (Richardson) and Tommy (Smythe) love this?” If you don’t know who they are, I guess you don’t follow Canadian Home and Garden television.

He texted back, “Ha ha, funny girl.”

I took this to mean, don’t buy them. The cushions were destroyed, they were badly chipped, and the legs were coming off, but they held promise. When I picked him up from work, I asked, “Why didn’t you like the chairs? They are in really bad shape but I was going to fix them up. They’re solid wood.”


He was surprised I didn’t buy them. I had misunderstood the message. We rushed to Value Village and there IT was. I say IT because some idiot bought one. Why? Why?

So, that’s why we have only one chair at the little table.


Every now and then, I check the store to see if it has been brought back. Not likely, but not impossible.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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