Great Day, Maybe.

I just finished writing a post about how great a day I’ve been having. I was worried I might jinx it by declaring it, but what the hay, I’m happy and grateful.

My first day of NANOWRIMO is going well. I found a file that I had thought was lost for good. My charting is working out except the Post-it papers keep falling off. I guess I should’ve spent more on them.

The best part of the day thus far is a brand-new five-star review for Sing the Planets. Check it out TEACHERS ESPECIALLY.

Format: Paperback

Song, hand and body movements, mnemonics and more—Sing the Planets: An “I’ll That” Book by Bonnie Ferrante is sure to be a hit in the classroom and at home. This gem of a book is perfect for reaching readers and listeners of diverse learning styles. Ferrante not only includes the sheet music for the song, she has also produced a YouTube video (you’ll find its web link in the book), making it easy for teachers and parents to get the kids singing and swinging, enthusiastically performing hand and body movements to the tune. Sing the Planets not only includes detailed information about the eight planets (explaining that Pluto is no longer listed among them), it presents information about the entire solar system and includes mythological details about the origins of the naming of the planets. The illustrations include photos taken by NASA and other space agencies. Ferrante not only makes learning about the planets easy to remember—she makes it memorable! I highly recommend Sing the Planets to elementary teachers, librarians and to parents as well. ~ Bette A. Stevens, author of award-winning picture book Amazing Matilda (Children’s Literature): The Tale of A Monarch Butterfly and other books for children and adults
Click here for more information or to buy the book. It is available in paperback and ebook (great for projecting onto classroom screens).
Now for the ironic part. As soon as I tried to post this, it disappeared into the nether land that is lost files. So, here I go attempting post number two.

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