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I have always loved writing and working with children. So, I decided to put both of my passions together to create my series of completely factual, rhyming children’s books. I have been an educator since 2009 and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Eastern Washington University and a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from Concordia University Portland. I went on to teach and develop curriculum for a number of secondary biology classes in Washington, Oregon, and California.


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My name is Rachel Lassman and I am the author/illustrator of a new and innovative series of rhyming, educational children’s books which some have described as “Educational Dr. Seuss.”  My three-book series covers material on worms, ladybugs, and snails. While some children’s books are educational and others rhyme, the two categories have rarely been combined. My books are completely factual, but written in rhyme to make learning fun and easy. The colorful pictures help explain the information, makes the information relevant to kids, and helps to keep children engaged and excited about learning.



The benefits of learning through rhyme are astounding and have been proven in many studies. It not only helps young children improve their recognition of words and overall reading, but it can also help students with memory, enjoyment of learning, and overall confidence. Because of the rhyming format, my books are not just beneficial for children in standard classroom settings, but children in Early Childhood programs, children in home schooling, children in daycare systems, children in speech, language, or reading programs, for children excited about reading and learning at home, and those children with special needs including ADD and ADHD.

Depending on reading level, my books are intended to help children up to 4th grade and there is no mature subject matter.


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These books are amazing! I can’t wait to purchase copies for my classroom. There is a wealth of knowledge in each of these books. The rhymes and illustrations make this content accessible and engaging for young learners (and teachers).

Brittany Hale Head Kindergarten Teacher at Belmont Oaks Academy Belmont, CA


– “We had the pleasure of Rachel Lassman visiting our school to share her fun and educational books.  The colorful illustrations and rhyming text kept all of our kids engaged and eager to learn more interesting facts.  The children absolutely loved each book and enjoyed discovering more about the creatures they find so fascinating.”

– Principal of Merry Moppet Belmont Oaks Academy, Belmont, CA


– “I read all three of Rachel’s books and I feel that they would be terrific learning material for both special needs children as well as regular ed. students.”

– Jerry Krauss Retired Head of Special Education Department San Mateo County, CA.


Directly through me at liv18soccr@hotmail.com or my website Morethanapoem.com

You can also find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachellassman-9a92b519


Note: This promotion was written by the author.

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3 thoughts on “Rhyme for Learning – Author Rachel Lassman

  1. Thank you so much Bonnie for this exposure!!! Unfortunately the link to Amazon are old versions and doesn’t have Snails but it will work lol.. I really appreciate you doing this for authors. Thank you and I’ll let you know how I do! 🙂

    Rachel Lassman

    (509) 216-4046



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