Got a Reluctant Reader? – Try Ninja Seals Book 2: The Metal Menace by Joe Yang


Joe Yang is a children’s book author, web cartoonist, and a huge fan of seals. And because he also loves storytelling, Joe’s also passionate about combining off-beat humor with those curious creatures. His goal is to encourage children, particularly young boys, to develop an interest in reading.

Ninja Seals Book 2: The Metal Menace, is his second book. 

Joe is a full-time Argentine Tango instructor, and teaches at tango festivals throughout the US. In a partnership with occupational therapy researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Joe also teaches tango to patients in treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.


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Title: Ninja Seals Book 2: The Metal Menace



Alx (pronounced “Alex) and his cousin Scooter are two ordinary seals by day, and ninja seals by night! One evening, while busy in a workshop, someone – or something – starts banging on the front door!

Before they know it, Alx and Scooter are caught up in a chaotic nightmare where they are once again forced to take action as ninja seals. This time, they’re up against a large, metal monstrosity! What is its purpose? What does it want? And how will the ninja seals be able to stop it?



Age level: 5-9

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Note: This promotion was written by the author.

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