White Otter Castle Exists in the Deep Northern Woods

Interested in what Terror at White Otter Castle is based on?

My Blurb:

Laurel, Aster, and Beth have been best friends since grade one when they created the “triangle of power”. In September, as high school graduates, they will head off in different directions. Because Laurel fears it will be the end of their friendship, she convinces the others to join her on an end of summer trip – a nine-day canoe expedition to White Otter Castle, deep in the Northern Canadian forest. Unknown to her, the hundred-year-old log castle has a dark secret. The “triangle of power” faces the ultimate test when the dark forest holds a terror they never imagined.

This campy little novella is sure to give you a shiver and a smile.


White Otter Castle and the legends around it actually exist. I didn’t have to dig very far into reality to find the germ of my novella.

Although the amazing structure did fall into ruin for a time, The Friends of White Otter Castle raised enough money to save the log building from collapse. It has become a regular site for canoeists, snowmobilers, and hikers to visit.


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Click on the picture above for information on the town of Atikokan, Ontario and the surrounding area.

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Easter Seals Ontario along with the Atikokan SnoHo and Kiwanis Club of Atikokan are kicking off the 2016 Snowarama season by hosting the 38th annual Atikokan Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids event on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

We invite you to be part of this year’s event, filled with a variety of fun, family-friendly activities throughout the day and night. This year’s festivities include a 100km sled ride north to White Otter Castle, a hearty lunch at Browns’ Clearwater West, dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion, awards, auction and evening entertainment. Click the picture above for more information.

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Snowmobile to the White Otter Castle in the winter

Click on the picture above to go to: White Otter Castle – The Story of Hope and Dreams: THE REMARKABLE STORY OF JIMMY MCOUAT by By Erin Rody Staff Writer for Sunset Country

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White Otter

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