The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt. Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Book Review.

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This is a sequel to The Day the Crayons Quit and, I believe, a much better book. The story begins with a postcard from a maroon crayon that has been marooned by Duncan in the couch. The next postcard is from Pea Green who is changing his name and running away. The book continues with postcards from various crayons who gripe about Duncan’s treatment of them. On one page a tan, or perhaps burnt sienna crayon, tells his horror story of being eaten by a dog and puked up on the rug. One clever page is textured by the glow in the dark crayon that has been left in the basement. There are jokes about believing camels and pyramids are in New Jersey, stinky socks, a crayon being stuffed up the cat’s nose by a baby, thinking the Amazon rain forest has snow ski hills, and using Brown crayons to make bear poop. Basically, the silly toilet humor kids love. In the end, all the crayons are reclaimed by Duncan and provided with a Crayon Fort of their very own.

Children will easily relate to the crayons misadventures and may even be able to tell you some original disasters of their own. For example, leaving crayons on the front dashboard of the car only to have them melt into the heating system. The following winter, smelling crayons every time the heat was turned on. I’m sure you have some of your own.

The pictures are a combination of photographs and crayon scribbles. It is a clever, silly book and should not be used to entice a child to take care of his crayons. It should be used to make a child laugh until the milk he is drinking comes out of his nose.



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