Submissions Update


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Submissions are OPEN.

Especially looking for books that fit upcoming themes…

Children in Change – May 2017

Celebrity Writers – June 2017

Cats – July 2017

The Number Three – August 2017

Alphabet – September 2017

Gratitude – October 2017

Lest We Forget – November 2017

Winter Celebrations – December 2017

Beginnings – January 2018 (Yep, that far ahead.)

Friendship – February 2018

Sleeping Beauty – March 2018

Spring – April 2018

Indies Only – May 2018

Birthdays – June 2018

Canada – July 2018

The focus is picture books with the occasional middle grade or YA. Rarely adult.



2 thoughts on “Submissions Update

  1. I can’t even imagine how you fit all this into your schedule! I sent you my books a while back so I assume I am on your list as you said you like my book in the series and they were a nice fit ! Curious as to where I am on the review time line THE SECRET DRAWER and The SECRET PATH by Nancy Gee ?

    Appreciate ., Nancy

    Sent from my iPad



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