Frankencrayon by Michael Hall. Book Review.

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This is written by the same person, Michael Hall, who wrote Red A Crayon’s Story. Instead of photographs to supplement the crayon scribbles, Hall uses cut out paper illustrations of the crayons and pencil.

This time Hall tells the story of a scribble that is ruining a picture book. The crayons try to scribble out the scribble, inadvertently making it larger and out-of-control. As a result the picture book is canceled. Unfortunately the crayons forget to tell Frankencrayon who appears, as planned, on page 22. He gives the scribble a mouth and then the crayons discover it is a peaceful and beautiful creature.

At the end the crayons decide they have learned three things. “Lesson number 1: Don’t forget to tell everyone when a story has been canceled! Lesson number 2: Don’t try to and scribble a scribble by scribbling on it. Lesson number 3: Even a messy scribble can be a lovely thing.” Of course, at the end there is an appearance of the mad scientist with a grudge.

The pictures are bright, simple but funny, and sometimes leave a lot of white space on the page. Children will find it reassuring that this is a published picture book when they compare their own drawings.

There are numerous references to theater and television and children will need some explanations such as, “eating oranges in the greenroom.”

Although not as complex or funny as his other book, Red A Crayon’s Story, children will find this enjoyable.



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