Red A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall. Book Review.

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In spite of everyone’s help and encouragement, such as tape trying to hold him together or scissors sniffing his label because it might be too tight, Blue cannot change himself into Red.

It will take the child a few pages to catch on to the fact that Red is actually Blue. Everyone tries to encourage him to color red things but they always turn out blue. The crayon has been mislabeled in the factory.

No one is overtly cruel to him, in fact they desperately try to help, but Red does not experience happiness until he meets Berry. Berry asks, “Will you make a blue ocean for my boat?” For the first time, Red experiences success. This spurns him on to create bluebells, blue jeans, a bluebird, a blue whale, and blueberries. Finally, in bold letters, he exclaims, “I’m blue!” Happily, the other crayons except him and wonder how they hadn’t realized the truth before.

Adults will realize that this is actually a pretty deep little story. No matter how much we try to fit society’s label, we are who we are inside.

The illustrations are straightforward, a combination of blocky graphics and scribbled crayon, but work effectively for the story. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. This is a great book.



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If you want to follow up with another story about red, try my book No More Red. I think your child will enjoy learning how important red is and perhaps you can discuss the importance of another color as a follow-up to Red A Crayon’s Story.

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