Pencils and Crayons and Markers Too


I remember, as a child, the thrill of opening a new crayon box. I would run my fingers over their sharpened tips and inhale the waxy smell. I was especially thrilled when my parents splurged on a twenty-four color set. With pink! However, envy reared its ugly head when I went to a friend’s house and she open her crayon box with 64 colors! There was even gold and silver.

What is your most vivid memory about crayons?

Children today would be less than impressed. They have markers that produce brilliant colors with an easy stroke. Markers with glitter. Write over markers that create a third color. There are markers that are washable, twin, dry erase, colour changing, scented and metallic. They can use them on bathtubs, fabric, and windows. Permanent markers can write on anything. There are stamper markers and wonder markers [I have no idea what they do]. Markers come with broad lines and fine lines. mini and telescoping. Markers are made for toddlers, adults, and professional artists. So no one is left out, they also come with easy grip.

Is there any place left for crayons?


Don’t be fooled into thinking crayons are just for kids. There is some amazing professional artwork done entirely with crayon. See Don Marco’s incredible portraits and Kristina Nelson’s amazingly vibrant work If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, check out this site.

crayon for blog
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I thought I’d see how many picture books I could find about pencils and crayons, and those brazen markers as well. It turns out there are quite a few. How many can you think of?

My first thought was a classic, Harold and the Purple Crayon. My son and I loved the television show as well. There were quite a few others. It seems the lowly crayon hasn’t been forgotten. And now it comes in 152 head-spinning colours!

The most well-known book I uncovered about markers was by Robert Munsch. Perhaps we have to wait until more children raised on anything-you-can-imagine markers reach adulthood for books about markers to outnumber those about the simple but elegant crayon.

But, don’t feel bad for crayons because look what they have now!

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